As a digital marketer, I was amazed to see the session on the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform. A centralized platform where all marketing activities are merging and you can use the data into actionable sequences. How amazing this is going to be!

Microsoft Customer Experience Platform will offer data-driven personalization to deliver end-to-end experiences across the entire customer life cycle.

It will enable AI-based content suggestions based on customer experiences and tracking history.

All these features are not mentioning SEO but other mediums like emails, ads, or SMS, so what if we can utilize the same data power for our SEO goals?

I am seeing some great opportunities for SEO in this platform but exactly how are we going to achieve it? Because they did not mention anything around SEO.

How SEO Can Benefit from Microsoft Customer Experience Platform

SEO today is not just about keyword stuffing and building backlinks. It’s more than that, especially when you will have a platform like this.
After seeing the demo, I immediately thought about using this platform to help improve some of the core SEO factors such as:

  • User behavior and interaction
  • Internal linking and navigation
  • User retention
  • Pages structure and crawling ability
  • Social media signals

Based on the initial demo about the data and user journey details, we can improve the SEO factors only if we can utilize those tools and create customized dashboards. Having users complete event-based tracking, we can improve our content and website structure so our SEO score can go high.

As of now, I see Ad performances demo revolving around Bing ads. Honestly, this will be the next level.

For eCommerce, if we talk specifically about SEO, this channel has the potential of helping us understand the user journey from the very first visit to checkout. We can use this data to implement SEO changes around product pages, category pages, and even specify our C2As and promotions.

How cool that all be when the event and visit-based tracking align into simple dashboards, SEO’s will know which pages need optimization and which content isn’t working.

There’s a Possibility

If this happens, initially, it will be around Bing, so how about the Google search console and traffic coming from Google search. As of yet, I am clueless but I hope this will happen very soon, as we can easily import all the data settings from the Google search console into Bing webmaster, I am hopeful that the SEO section will be considered in this amazing platform.

These are only my initial thoughts and I am optimistic about this. Besides other than performance and ads-based marketing, SEO itself is a big industry and businesses invest heavily into optimizing their presence on Search Engines to gain valuable traffic.

Have you watched the amazing demo of Microsoft Customer Experience?

Watch here: Introducing Microsoft Customer Experience Platform: A complete marketing solution for connected experiences.

Disclaimer: I am only sharing my thoughts and assumptions, there are no details about SEO integrating with this platform. 

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