I choose the most difficult but interesting topic and there’s so much to discuss, but let me tell you the end story in the beginning. A 1.5 million dollar deal was done from a source that reached my client’s website from SEO. But this blog is not about how we generated that lead, this blog is about to convince you that yes, you too can Win customers by investing rightly in SEO.

Why Partners Should Invest in SEO?

Most of the Microsoft Partners are not aware that SEO can drive leads for their business, and from their perspective, they seem right too. I mean why would a C-Level from a multi-million company search for an ERP and CRM solution provider in Google search, They probably already have some PR in the market and they would have direct connections with some Partner companies or probably they know someone who knows a company (referring). Right?

One of my clients once told me in the marketing meeting (she was the managing partner).

"We know that we might not get lead from SEO, but we want to be in the Microsoft ecosystem, we want to be visible in Microsoft Community."

This approach is alright and effective too but we need to change this perspective because SEO “CAN” drive business leads from small and medium-sized businesses to large-scale Enterprises.

Here’s How SEO can drive leads for Microsoft Partners

If you know anything about SEO or not, the fact is, in 2021 there are still 2 major search engines that are fully operating, Google and Bing. And you don’t need to go too far to check the facts, simply login to Google Keyword Planner and type the right keyword. Companies are highly investing thousands of dollars per month in Google (search) Ads to reach the right audience. And they all wanna show up in the first position to get maximum impressions.

Let’s check as per Google Keyword Planner, how many people are searching for “Microsoft Dynamics Partner” and the variations of that keyword in the US.

Exact Keyword Avg. Monthly Searches
microsoft dynamics partner 140
microsoft dynamics 365 partners 70
dynamics partner 70
dynamics 365 partners 50
microsoft dynamics partners list 40

Now, you might say “meh… this is nothing” but I just type only “1” keyword and it gave me so many variations, I only selected 5 but there were 100s of variations.

Also, I use the word “Partners” in my keyword, and we are searching for technology so some people might search as “Dynamics 365 consultants” “Dynamics 365 companies” “Dynamics 365 solution providers” and here’s a few more important words that can go with it:

Variations Variations
Implementation Offer
Upgrade Pricing
Support Licensing
Integration Application
Solution Add-on
On-Prem Cloud

Again, if you notice, we are only searching for “Dynamics 365” we are not searching as a solution for example CRM and ERP and also we haven’t touched the specific modules like “Finance and Operations” “Business Central” or “Dynamics 365 Commerce”.
This was just Dynamics 365, there’s a great window of opportunity if we decide to go after verticals or use BI, AI, or IOT words.

I hope you get the point. The opportunities are endless!

Now how to get the right Traffic

You need to be elaborative on your website, you need to specifically mention those services that you are offering and if you provide some details, that would be much better.

Whatever your offering is, whether it is services or a customized solution or if you are an expert in a specific industry like “Manufacturing” “Healthcare” “Construction” or “Retail”. You need to mention that in detail on your website.

I see websites, where companies do not give intentions to the keywords, in fact, one of the Partner recently shared on LinkedIn that they just launched a new website, I go to that website, and unfortunately, in the meta title of that website, there was just 1 word written “Home”. Of course, they mention what they do and how they do it but no SEO was implemented on the website. There was no keyword and synchronization of the content. But on the surface the website was glossy.

seo is not implimented

That way, organic traffic is not going to reach your website and in this highly competitive industry getting the 1st-page position on Google search is in no way possible.

The right way would be, if you are revamping or creating a new website, to get the initial checklist from the SEO so that the sitemap and structure of the website received the strongest foundation.

One of my clients engage me on their corporate website and it was just a new website and my goal was to make it prominent in search results.

After implementing the SEO strategy the results were fascinating.

seo growth for Microsoft partners

It’s not like we jumped to million users per month, but we managed to get thousands. We identify the right persona and follow the customer journey. We discussed a lot with the sales team, technical consultants, and team leaders to get an understanding of what exactly they do, what are the most common questions asked by the clients, and what are the problems that they are facing.

All of this was implemented on our website and voila! the website was receiving organic traffic.

Converts traffic into leads – Consistency is the key!

Now, some people say add better call 2 actions, provide all the necessary contact details on the website, do internal linking properly, the navigational approach should be there, etc. I say, Yes! Everything is important.

But what is most important is consistency. Update your audience with the latest information. Microsoft does a lot of rebranding, for like Microsoft flow is now Power Automate, Dynamics 365 Commerce was Dynamics 365 Retail, CRM is changed fully and now Office 365 is Microsoft 365.

Your job is to make sure that each information is timely updated on the website and URLs are redirected and interlinked.

People who are coming to your website gonna notice this, and all you have to do is now impress them.

For example, see the below image, this is almost the end of 2021, and if you search about “Dynamics 365 Commerce” the blogs that are appearing are from 2018 to 2020. If you are active enough, you can bring that traffic to your own website by adding the latest information and keep updating on the technology.

microsoft commerce benefits

Be ready to grab the information, sync all the marketing activities with SEO, if you created a demo page for PPC (Paid Campaigns) why not create the same for SEO as well.

If you are consistent on your website, the leads will start coming and out of those leads, there might be a million-dollar deal waiting for you to sign.

The market is open, people are searching, the question is how visible you are? That C-level might impress by the business profile that the SEO guy created for you. You never know. SEO is not just about the website, it’s about getting the company brand visible across multiple channels.

Focus on SEO and invest in the right strategy. Good luck Partners!

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